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Mobile voting service Voatz is dealt another blow, stemming from its handling of vulnerability reports. Marriott just disclosed another breach. And an accused Russian money launderer was caught with $20,000 in the Miami airport. This is CyberScoop for Tuesday, March 31.

Here's a first

Voatz has tried to make inroads in the voting vendor market by touting its smartphone app and responding fiercely to those who question its security. Earlier this month, though, the bug bounty service HackerOne said "Enough is enough," and booted Voatz from its platform for lashing out at security researchers. Voatz defended its security practices and said it would announce a new bug bounty program in the coming days. Sean Lyngaas explains why its a big deal.

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Marriott discloses another breach

Marriott International on Tuesday revealed a data breach facilitated by login credentials stolen from two of its employees. Personal information on some 5.2 million guests, including data such as their names and addresses, were compromised. It’s the second significant breach of Marriott systems in the last 16 months. A hack of Marriott disclosed in November 2018 involved some 383 million guest records. Sean has the report.

Come to the U.S. with $20K in cash! You'll probably get arrested!

A complaint unsealed Monday against Maksim Boiko, 29, alleges that he worked with a transnational organized crime group, called QQAAZZ, by converting stolen money into cryptocurrency. The Russian man is “a significant cybercriminal who launders money for other cybercriminals” by giving them access to criminally controlled ban accounts, an FBI affidavit says. U.S. authorities previously indicted five Latvian men for their alleged involvement in the QQAAZZ operation. According to prosecutors, hackers who breached victims’ bank accounts would contact QQAAZZ seeking an account to wire stolen funds as part of a kind of “global, complicit bank drops service.” Jeff Stone has the details.

Courtroom doom for Zoom?

With its popularity surging during the novel coronavirus pandemic, the videoconferencing app Zoom “has failed to properly safeguard the personal information of the increasingly millions of users," a new lawsuit alleges. The complaint accuses Zoom of violating the California Consumer Privacy Act, which requires companies to give consumers notice when they collect and use their personal information. The lawsuit cites a Vice News report which determined that Zoom’s iOS app had been using a Facebook login feature to send the social media giant details on Zoom users. Those details included the model of a user’s device, their phone carrier, and what time zone they were in, the report said. Sean has more on the suit.

Nigerian email scammers upped their game last year

The SilverTerrier hacking crew began around 2014 as a small group that experimented with easy-to-detect hacking tools. By 2019, though, it had evolved into a team of “mature cybercriminals” who have produced 81,300 malicious software samples connected to 2.1 million attacks, according to Palo Alto Networks findings published Tuesday. SilverTerrier attempted an average of more than 90,000 attacks every month, and is partly responsible for a 1,163% uptick in attacks against the professional and legal services industry. This comes after the FBI accused dozens of Nigerian citizens of carrying out a string of fraud campaigns through 2019. Jeff has the full report.

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