Top Women In Cybersecurity 2017

Mischel Kwon (Source: MKACyber)

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Mischel Kwon

Over a three-decade career in security, Mischel Kwon held a succession of increasingly highly-ranked technical leadership positions before founding MKACyber, a security consulting firm that assesses and…

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Kimber Dowsett

Kimber Dowsett is a security architect for 18F, a specialized technology division within the General Services Administration, or GSA, that’s been called the U.S. government’s startup.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Niloofar Howe

As Chief Strategy Officer for RSA, Niloofar Howe responsible for the health and direction of the business, as well as figuring out a way large incumbent companies…

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Amelie Koran

Amelie Koran, ‎U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General Societal biases are not always apparent to those who aren’t exposed to them on…
Suzanne Vautrinot, Wells Fargo Board of Directors

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Suzanne Vautrinot

Suzanne Vautrinot retired from the U.S. Air Force in Oct. 2013 as a major-general and commander of the 24th Air Force, where she'd been in charge of…
Jessy Irwin

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Jessy Irwin

Jessy Irwin, VP of Privacy and Security, Mercury LLC If you’ve ever been to an information security conference, you’ve probably seen a t-shirt that said, “there’s no…