How Xi Jinping leveled-up China's hacking teams

China's investments in cybersecurity education set the stage for a new, more prolific era of digital espionage.

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White House expected to issue executive order reining in spyware

by Tonya Riley

The prospect of an executive order limiting use of spyware within U.S. intelligence unleashes potentially even more debate in Washington.

Iranian hackers use Log4Shell to mine crypto on federal computer system

by AJ Vicens

A flaw in a ubiquitous open-source software library is still being exploited nearly a year after its discovery.

Andy Greenberg on how 'Tracers in the Dark' found the dark web's worst criminals

by Tonya Riley

The Wired journalist's new book reveals how investigators deployed cryptocurrency tracing technology to solve some of the internet's biggest crimes.

LockBit ransomware suspect arrested in Canada, faces charges in US

by AJ Vicens

Authorities arrested the suspect wanted for his alleged role in one of the most prolific ransomware crews in the world.

Four-year cybercrime campaign targeting African banks netted $30 million

by AJ Vicens

Attacks on banks in more than 15 countries used sophisticated spearphishing and off-the-shelf tools.

Ransomware costs top $1 billion as White House inks new threat-sharing initiative

by AJ Vicens

The Treasury Department released its finding as the White House is wrapping up an international summit on fighting the ransomware problem.

Spy agency embraces meme culture and the internet is here for it

by Suzanne Smalley

The NSA cybersecurity director's memes suggest the Pentagon may have finally figured out how to use internet culture to its advantage.

Notorious hacker know as 'Spdrman' arraigned for role in Real Deal dark web marketplace

by AJ Vicens

Daniel Kaye is suspected in numerous cybercrimes and previously served time for knocking out the internet for the entire country of Liberia.

Grand jury indicts Ukrainian for role in vast Raccoon Infostealer cybercrime operation

by AJ Vicens

The suspect's group accumulated at least 50 million unique credentials from "millions of potential victims" worldwide, the DOJ said.

Researchers uncover more than 167,000 stolen credit card numbers, primarily from the U.S.

by AJ Vicens

Using two malware variants, unknown operators managed to compile stolen card data potentially worth more than $3 million, researchers said.