FireEye acquires X15 software to boost big data capabilities



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U.S. cybersecurity firm FireEye has acquired Sunnyvale, California, software company X15 in order to integrate big data capabilities into its security products.

The software will allow organizations using FireEye products to better adapt to threats as they continue to manage security in cloud, on-premise and hybrid network enterprises, the company said.

“Organizations today are overwhelmed by alerts, the number of tools required to manage their security operations, and the challenge of unifying access to the large volumes of data that matter,” said John Laliberte, senior vice president of engineering at FireEye, in a release. “The X15 Software team built an incredibly versatile, enterprise-grade big data platform that enables distributed, real-time access and ingestion of data at scale within a unified data model and modular query language. X15 Software technology will accelerate our strategy of delivering an innovative, next-gen security platform.”

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Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, FireEye will pay approximately $15 million in equity and $5 million in cash.

“We founded X15 Software to help organizations get more value out of the massive data they were generating on a daily basis, and very quickly we saw how impactful our technology could be in the security space,” said Val Rayzman, CEO of X15 Software. “By coming together with FireEye, we can help build a security platform that uses big data, threat intelligence and analytics to keep customers secure.”

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