Clinton campaign to host cybersecurity-themed fundraising event in Las Vegas


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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Following a tumultuous week of newly disclosed cyber attacks against the Democratic Party, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be hosting a cybersecurity-themed fundraising event this week at the Las Vegas-based Black Hat cybersecurity conference.

The event is scheduled to take place just days after the campaign’s own network was reportedly found to be penetrated by the same hacking group allegedly responsible for breaking into the DNC, as was first reported by Reuters.

Headlining Clinton’s cybersecurity panel is Black Hat founder Jeff Moss, Harvard University professor Michael Sulmeyer and Cambridge Global Advisors CEO Jake Braun.

Both Sulmeyer and Braun boast past experience working with the federal government to help advance cybersecurity policy making efforts — Sulmeyer previously served as a Pentagon cyber policy director and Braun continues to provide cybersecurity consulting services to those in higher office.

Prior to joining Cambridge Global, Braun acted as the White House’s Public Liaison to the Department of Homeland Security. He remains a ‘strategic advisor’ to DHS and the Pentagon on cyber issues.

Sulmeyer is the chairman of Clinton’s cyber policy working group, according to Moss.

In a factsheet focused on technology policy published by the Clinton campaign last month, the topic of cybersecurity garnered some attention. Clinton’s camp wrote in a blog post: “To ensure a coherent strategy across federal agencies, [Clinton] will build on the Obama Administration’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan, especially the empowerment of a federal Chief Information Security Officer, the modernization of federal IT, and upgrades to government-wide cybersecurity.”

Given Sulmeyer and Braun’s extensive experience working within the Obama administration on digital security programs, it is possible they may be considered for an information security role in a Clinton held White House.

The Obama administration has also stated plans to appoint a federal CISO before the end of his time in office.

FedScoop reached out to both Sulmeyer and Braun’s offices but a representative did not respond to our request for comment.