Newly uncovered Carbon Black bug may have mistakenly sent files to VirusTotal



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It’s been a week since Carbon Black got into a very public PR scuffle over what was charged to be a flaw in its Cb Response product that revealed sensitive user data. Now the Massachusetts-based security firm has informed customers that an internal review revealed a new bug in Cb Response, wholly separate from last week’s fight, that potentially revealed sensitive data for some of the company’s customers.

The new bug can potentially result in files being miscategorized and mistakenly uploaded to VirusTotal where they can be seen publicly. The new problem is miniscule by comparison to the allegation last week, potentially impacting only ten customers according to a blog posted by the company after Brian Krebs broke the news.

“In the presence of certain MacOS third-party applications, the Cb Response sensor (v5.2.7+ and v6.0.4+) occassionally miscategorizes some content files as binaries,” CEO Michael Viscuso explained. “If a customer configured a computer to upload unknown binaries to a third-party, cloud-based, multi-scanner, these content files would be uploaded to the multi-scanner as well.”

Carbon Black is major endpoint security vendor potentially eyeing an IPO as it competes with some of the biggest and richest names with cybersecurity.

The bug was introduced in April 2017 and was removed on August 10. All of the potentially impacted customers have been notified.

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