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So much of cybersecurity goes beyond the ones and zeros.

Be it through government policy, private sector innovation, technology startups or security research, people from all walks of life are pushing the industry to keep up with technology’s growing impact in every facet of our lives.

The all-encompassing, ever-changing facets of cybersecurity have inspired CyberScoop to create the Leet List. We have selected individuals from all walks of the security industry to speak about the impact they are having on how society protects itself in the digital realm.

We decided to name this feature the “Leet List” as a play on the internet slang known as “leetspeak.” Originally used to describe the technical skills of early hackers, “leet” (or 1337) has since become shorthand for elite.

This “leet” group of experts offered CyberScoop a look at how they approach their jobs, the ups and downs of the current state of affairs and how cybersecurity will change in the years ahead.

We hope the Leet List inspires our readers to think beyond the binaries, driving people to make a significant impact on security in the future.

A full index of our list can be found here.

The 2018 Leet List:

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